What is Coaching to Coding?

We face an ever-swelling tidal wave of "input" each day. We become stuck, stymied, and exasperated when circumstances don't go the way we planned. And we do our best, yet often fail, to maintain composure when our coffee spills or the hard drive crashes first thing in the morning.

Coaching to Coding is designed to be a wellspring you can always return to, in the midst of the chaos, for trustworthy information on life strategy.

Life strategy, you ask? Yes - big picture principles you can apply to your day-to-day, as you wander along and try to figure out this thing called "life."

I can't promise (in fact I refuse to promise) a bunch of gushy optimism, nor anything resembling Buzzfeed-esque articles that will only throw gasoline on the fire of our rapidly-shrinking attention spans. But I can promise the honest observations, questions pondered, and lessons learned of a guy who's navigating these waters alongside you.

About Me


If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm a lifelong learner. But, I wasn't always this way.

In high school, I graduated as valedictorian, and was extremely arrogant. I thought I knew everything. That I was smarter than most people. That I had it all figured out.

Not so much.

I went to college as an engineering and math major, and received a 37% on my first engineering exam. (I don't know where you come from, but at Virginia Tech this was considered failing, and well below average.) My worldviews were challenged by my classmates and colleagues. I woke up to many realities. I was confronted with questions that I didn't know the answers to. I met many, many people who learned faster than I did and who knew more than me about a great many things.

I grew to understand that my ranking in high school didn't come about because I was smarter than others, but more so because I often chose to stay home and either study or read Lord of the Rings (for the third time) while my friends were out actually having a social life and playing sports year-round.

I learned that - at least for me personally - "doing well" in academia didn't guarantee me a single thing. If anything, what it did do was reinforce a paralyzing fear of failure, a crippling set of expectations to fulfill, and the erroneous notion that as long as I walked between the lines, I would excel.



Loving Jesus....social media...hiding what we don't want others to see....closest friends are atheists and folks of other religions.


What's with the name of the website?

My original career path was that of a strength and conditioning coach. I spent my days working hands-on with kids, athletes, and general fitness folks, helping them become stronger and generally suck less as human beings.

Then, through a series of events, I co-founded a software company and was thrown into the role of Chief Technology Officer. No, I don't think I could have ended up moving in a more difficult direction if I tried.

So I went from "coaching" to "coding".

Which leads to the content you can expect to find on this site:

  • Strength training tips. If your physical health falls away, it will be very difficult for anything else not to falter.
  • Big picture principles (as described earlier) to help you problem-solve the myriad complications you're bound to come across. After all, once you've boiled it down to its essence, coding is nothing more than an exercise in problem solving.