Hi. I'm Steve.

For most of my life, my dream job has been to serve as Gandalf's personal travel journalist as he treks throughout Middle Earth. That hasn't happened yet, so instead I've worked as a strength and conditioning coach, and as the co-founder of a software company. Things have recently shifted, and I'm now on the path of helping God plant and lead a new church in Arlington, VA. 

My vision is to lead a church that exists not for itself, but to help the city of Arlington flourish. This entails a few things:

  1. making and maturing disciples of Jesus who take their Christian faith into into every sphere of their life, transforming how they work, play, serve others, and engage with those who are different
  2. being a place where skeptics and doubters can come and have their questions and objections received with a high level of seriousness and empathy
  3. helping people of all beliefs and core convictions learn to dialogue and work together across deep difference

I love speaking with those who hold different beliefs than my own, and learning how people arrive at their conclusions with regards to the big questions of life.  

Thanks for stopping by. If you wish to reach out or connect in some fashion, you may do so HERE