While I've always enjoyed speaking with those who believe differently than I do, the past few years of personal doubt I experienced (with regard to long-held convictions surrounding "meaning of life" questions) gave me an even greater appreciation for skeptics and the arguments they bring to the table. 

It nettles me when Christians dismiss questions and objections glibly or condescendingly, saying something like, "You just have to believe," and not taking seriously the questions being asked. And once I experienced deep skepticism myself, I personally felt the frustration that honest seekers sometimes experience when dialoguing with believers. 


Over the past few years, I experienced significant doubt regarding things I was once so sure of, which caused me to reexamine my fundamental convictions about life's big questions: what are we  it gave me a much greater appreciation for skeptics and the objections they bring to the table. 

It helped me see how frustrating it must be for them when Christians dismiss their questions glibly and condescendingly, or don't take the time to actually ask them questions and hear where they're coming from.