Being Customer-Centric

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has a simple litmus test he uses for making decisions across his businesses: Will this provide a better experience for the customer?

Unless you’re customer-centric, you might be able to create something wonderful, but you’re not going to survive. It’s about getting every little detail right.
— Richard Branson

In fact, the impetus that moved him into creating Virgin Atlantic, his first airline company, was his frustration with the terrible quality of the airlines as a whole. "Why, I kept wondering, couldn't we create an airline that when you walk on you feel, 'Wow, this is great.' "

So my question to you as a fitness professional, is what can you do for your athletes and clients that elicits no other response than, "Wow, this is great!"

It may be providing them the individual attention they've never received before from a coach. Or ensuring every staff member introduces themselves to a new client during their first session. Or taking the sports team out to do something different, like dodgeball or a game of capture the flag. Perhaps it's paying better attention to the cleanliness of your facility and bathrooms. Or, on top of all the above, it can be something so ridiculous and outside-the-box that I'm not even thinking of it right now.

Focus on giving your customers - or in this case, your clients or athletes - the most incredible experience possible. Whether you're seeking deeper loyalty and buy-in from your athletes, or a burgeoning business, you have to start with the customer first.