1-Arm Landmine Floor Press

Here's a great exercise you can use for a wide variety of reasons. 

It provides: 

  • a 1-arm press alternative for those who don't have access to dumbbells
  • a surprisingly difficult core stability challenge, especially if the legs are held straight on the ground; when the load becomes heavier, the contralateral leg will want to kick up off the ground, and the torso will desire to rotate toward the arm that is pressing. you'll need to brace the core hard and squeeze glute tight to prevent them from moving.
  • a fantastic "bench press" variation for those who have lower body injuries and can't/shouldn't drive their feet into the ground, as one would do when using a bench.
  • an (arguably) more shoulder-friendly alternative to standard dumbbell bench pressing, as the floor will prevent the humerus from traveling behind the body, into excessive extension; not to mention, the neutral grip tends to be a bit more forgiving on the shoulder.
  • in some ways, an easier set-up process than with dumbbell floor pressing, since the barbell handle is already elevated off the ground to more easily grab

Just watch out for your face.

Here it is in action:

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